Management philosophy & System

         WWW professional culture is characterized by teamwork and their sincere commitment toward quality

         Total Quality Management Philosophy: presence AT ALL LEVELS of employees (aware, understand, instilled inside naturally)

                   - Market-in

                   - PDCA

                   - RCA

                   - Process Oriented

         Fun and dynamic environment has cultivated our young, creative and talented teamwork to deliver the best outcome of their potential

         Our people has positive attitude towards problem and opportunity, thus allowing “continuous development”

         Culture of “Open communications” and “Immediate action to tackle difficulties”

Human capital & Alliance

         Team of strong Experts/technicians in

                  - Fabric development

                  - Design

                  - Pattern/Fitting expertise

                  - Sample development

                  - Merchandising

                  - Production planning and garment engineering

                  - Quality Expert

                           ๐ Quality Assurance

                           ๐ Quality Control

                           ๐ Quality Audit

                   - Children's wear Expertise and Technique

          Type of merchandize: Outdoor Jacket, Party dress, Jeans, Shirt, pants, knitting sweater and …

          Type of styling: Elegant, Vintage, Sport, Classic…

          Type of fabric: Woven, Knit, Denim, Special function material …

          Partnership with Best quality suppliers of Thailand garment industry:

                   - Fabric + Fabric processing

                   - Print/Embroidery/Washing/Finishing mills